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Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Say Goodbye to Outdated Décor.

Are you tired of staring up at that outdated popcorn ceiling in your home? It's time to bid farewell to that textured eyesore and welcome a fresh, modern look into your space. At Many Colors, we specialize in professional popcorn ceiling removal services that will transform your room into a sleek, contemporary haven.

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Upgrade your home with popcorn ceiling removal. Enhance aesthetics for a modern look, improve indoor air quality for health benefits, and increase property value. It's a wise investment for a cleaner, more appealing living space.

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Don't let a popcorn ceiling drag down the look of your home any longer. Contact Many Colors today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a fresh, modern space. Say goodbye to popcorn ceilings and hello to a brighter, more beautiful home!

Some facts works with us

Yes, with certain preparation steps, it is possible to paint over wallpaper. Stripping the paper is always recommended, however, unless in the removal of the paper,  excessive damage is done to the substrate.

Yes.  Removing texture from the ceiling is one of the messiest jobs on the planet.  MANY COLORS has a FESTOOL Hepa vacuum attached to a sanding wand that catches most of the dust. Once the texture is removed, the ceiling tape joints often need an extra coat of joint compound and additional sanding before the primer is applied.

No. Once we have an agreement on scope of work and costs, the initial payment is not due until the work begins

 MANY COLORS is a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by Joel Shirk of Cheshire, Connecticut. Due to the connections of networks established over the years, however, other qualified painters and/or wallpaper installers are called upon as the need arises, depending on the size of the job or sensitivity to deadlines.

Two painters and a rabbi walked into a bar…